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GI Objectors:
Camilo Mejia - Camilo Mejia took a one year jail term instead of returning to Iraq

Kevin Benderman - Kevin Benderman refused a second deployment to Iraq

Jeremy Hinzman - Jeremy Hinzman fled to Canada to avoid going to Iraq

Brandon Hughey - Brandon Hughey fled to Canada to avoid going to Iraq

Carl Webb - Carl Webb deserted the Army instead of going to Iraq

Pablo Paredes - Pablo Paredes refused to board his ship which went to the Persian Gulf

Gee thats nice a site that honors deserters, and cowards....Maybe Hanoi Jane and I got shot in the ass with rice Kerry are proud of those that take the pay, benifits, and leave their units short handed on deployments but, I find them just another bunch of whiners...like you.
Just as I considered your source, a website from an anti military forum that promotes cowardice, something you seem to excel in.....
"Naw, I just consider the source."

Assume the worst about the source, what possible source could change the truth written by Steve?

THis "attack the source" ad hominum crap of the left is way beyond out of control. It worked ok for Felony Bill for awhile, but you guys have gone to the well far too often.

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