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AAR Really Windy

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
Has anyone used Really Windy, I talked to a fellow to day that used him one year but thought his milk EPD's were low. The Epd's show a 21 with 89%acc. . What do you guys think of him.? :cowboy:
What I hear about Really Windy is good.

Plus 21 milk epd isn't enough? Good grief, what do they want, milk cows?
Personally, I think we are getting too much milk in most Angus for range cattle. Milk comes at a HIGH price, unless you have a lot of forage.
I think that +15 for an Angue milk EPD is plenty. However I do seem to be adding some milk as I try to improve weaning weights.
Unless you are raising replacement heifers from comercial cows that don't seem to have enough milk you don't need those 25 + milk EPD bulls.

We have never selected for milk and I wouldn't want our cows to have any more milk than they do. We figured out what they gain per head per day while on the cow. We found these are superior milking cows in order for the calves to gain 3 lbs/hd/day. Like I said, we have never selected for milk. Pretty soon milk gets to be a negative to other factors in the country we run in.
BMR you'll love him-why not head over to Brooks with me on the 20th and I'll show you a bunch of daughters in production at Fraser's-they are real rancher kind of cows-that bull is down in the wasties in Wyoming so he has to be tough lol. Seriously though any I've seen are great uddered cows with lots of rib to them. I'm gonna breed a 100 or so to himmyself this year.

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