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May 29, 2005
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I found an article I think many of you might want to read

Well, I think the writer of that article was far too kind to the AARP. Once they were a good organization who promoted the well being of senior citizens. Today they could care less about older people as long as they send in their annual dues. The AARP has become a promoter of insurance companies and any other business who can use their name and pay them a fee. To me the AARP has completely lost any credibility and is a worthless, blood sucking organization. I used to be a member but no longer. When they came out strongly in favor of taking half the money ($500 billion) from Medicare to pay for Bozo's health care plan I couldn't believe it. The very segment of the population they were supposedly promoting and supporting and they wanted to take away Medicare health care money to pay for a plan to give health insurance to illegals and anybody else who didn't want to pay for health insurance even though all us older people had paid into Medicare all our working lives. I immediately cancelled my membership and wrote them a scathing letter as to why. I can only hope that millions of others did the same thing. They are nothing but a scam using seniors money to promote their own sick political agenda.
Could'nt agree more the aarp is nuthin but a insurance company, running a scam.
good luck
Could'nt agree more the aarp is nuthin but a insurance company, running a scam.
good luck

Or a scam running an insurance company. Either way, it's
not good. There is an alternative tho, I've received some
information on it.
The Conservative alternative to AARP:

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