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Agman from June '04 --Worth repeating!

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Feb 14, 2005
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Southern SD

Posted by agman on Jun-9-04 9:14am

As the left tries to spread fear of economic chaos due to the fiscal deficit tax receipts are already taking the props out of their claims. I thought you might benefit from a better understanding of economic growth and tax receipts.

Each 1% increase in GDP growth adds approximately $110 billion to annual GDP which is approximately $11 Trillion. Economic growth should average at least 4% this year. Thus, GDP should expand by approximately $440 billion. For each $110 billion in GDP growth tax receipts increase by approximately $21 billion. Can we grow out of the projected deficit? The answer is definitely, yes. Previous deficit projections of $500 billion are already being lowered. Remember, that we outgrew our previous deficit through economic growth, not higher taxes. GW has this economy and tax policy on the right track. This will not make the evening news. I believe most of us know why. You heard it here first. Have a great day. Agman
katrina said:
Hi Cal, Get some rain tonight? Got all your bales moved?? :D
Hi katrina, got over an inch last night with a tornado (or 2) a little to the south of us, no damage I geuss, a little hail but didn't hurt anything. Another shower this afternoon, very localized. Most of the bales are bunched, and some moved in, but quite a little alfalfa down that's wet as hell now. How about you guys?

Are you loving the road construction or finding a good way around it?
Hope it don't get to rough in Bennett county. Done with out first cutting of alfalfla about a week ago and have the flowers in too. Have a little bit of cane to plant and will be cutting hay and alfalfla again in a week or two.
We don't do that part of the road. But we have had some traffic come through here that are detouring around the construction. I guess that it was pretty nasty for awhile. I've been AIing a few cows and hiefiers here lately. I enjoy doing that. Roscoe took a hell of a spill off the grain trailer a few days ago. His leg looks pretty nasty. Black and blue from his knee to his hip. Ain't rain just wonderful......

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