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Airstream....update pics

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
ok ya'll...I ran across this website where this lady sells vintage victorian lace clothing...linens etc. She's redone her airstream trailer and here's just one photo of the inside.

It's growin on me......
Yeah I know...Mr. Lilly says it looks like you'd hafta have money in hand if you step in the door.

Ours won't be this gawdy or Bawdy....but there are somethings here that I really like. Gettin ideas for fixin ours up.
I went to Cody after salt and mineral today, and had to wait for road construction. Just ahead of me was a convoy of seven real nice Airstream camping trailers all traveling together. The one just ahead of me had an Iowa license saying Pottawatomie County. Looks like there would be a lot of room to paint a mural on the side of one of these outfits. :wink:
the_jersey_lilly_2000 said:
LOL Soapweed on some of em maybe...but ours is like a small armadillo. Besides.....I don't wanna paint on the outside...it's supposed to be all shiny and pretty.

But it's just crying to be painted. :wink: You could even paint it to look like an armadillo. :)
Ok now...first three pictures are before....Before anything has been done.


No he didn't have too much to drink...he was tryin to see how much work the bathroom is gonna require LOL

Second couch....that I don't think needs to be there. I wanna booth instead.

Few screws removed...and wahlah....it's outta there!!! Along with the yucky carpet and tile.

I've been painting the whole thing with KILZ.....but this weekend I rounded up a few pieces of fabric that I may use when reupholstering the couch...or for pillows...etc.

Ok at 10:10pm.... finally cooled off some outside. I went out there to paint somemore. Didn't paint but about 30 minutes. Lights ARE NOT bright enough to paint when it's dark outside. LOL
Ok...think I'm gettin ahead of myself with the painting. Sometime in it's previous life someone painted in there and took the time to glob paint onto the aluminum window trim inside. So I think I'll see if I can get those off...and break out the dremil tool, remove the paint and polish them. I just can't make myself continue painting when that yucky paint is still there visible.
Not yet LOL window polishin takes time...so not much else gets done. Then Mr Lilly tells me on his way home from work that he's gotta stop and pick up my "prize" on his way.

No idea what it might be...cuz it ain't my birthday....it's not our anniversary.....and well.....prize?

He brought home a new A/C unit to go on top. Woo Hoo.....gotta get that installed...then I can really get with it cuz I will be able to make cold air. This 100 plus degree weather really puts a halt to workin in a lil closed in armadillo. LOL

We've also been workin on his car alot. Got the firewall painted with red diamonds....and got the body sat back on the chassis this evenin.
Temps have cooled off significantly....new A/C is gettin serviced...so we have a tarp over the hole. But since it's cooler...I've been out there in the mornings and evenings workin to get things torn out....cleaned up....and painted with KILZ so that I have a clean slate to start with. This evenin took out the couch....and it's a good thing we did...the fresh water storage tank is under it. And it's dry rotted and cracked. So would have been a major wreck if we'da filled it up with water after getting the trailer redone.

Got that done...and finished painting KILZ around the couch wall.

Now for the fun stuff...COLOR!!!!!!



Exactly. Why not! With your project completed
you'll be the talk of the car shows, I'm sure. And wel-deserved,
I might add. I don't know why some people have all the talent
and those like myself, have none. :D Never in my wildest
dreams could I do the things you have done. You are a real hand.
I don't know that it's as much talent as it is determination. LOL Once I set my mind to something...I'm gonna figure out a way.....one way or another.

Haha I ain't finished yet....who knows what it'll look like.
Well....we have color now. I've been paintin and paintin and paintin. Till 1 am most nights. Called it quits early tonight....at midnight. LOL

When I quit Friday night, all I could see was "50s diner"..LOL


Everytime I go out there ..... all I can see now is ketchup and mustard...and expect to see the golden arches appear any minute now. LOL This is just base coats for other stuff to come in the future. Painted alot on the ceiling tonight (hence the early night...my neck is broke from lookin up)


I'd bought some "copper" colored paint...metalic. Really pretty in the can. But when I started painting the stripe down the middle of the ceiling...it looked black!!!! :shock: I quickly grabbed a paper towel and wiped all I could off. NOT what I wanted. So I came in and searched thru all my misc cans of left over paint from painting projects and found one that I thought would work.


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