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Aluminum trailers. HELP!!

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Apr 24, 2009
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We are kind of shopping for a different trailer. It HAS to have a front tack, an escape door, and be at least a 20 footer. We found an Elete Stock/Show for around $18000, brand new, 2010. Looks like a well built one, but more money then I want to spend right now. Found a 2010 new Featherlite, set up the same way, for about $16000. Keiferbuilt, 2010, new, no escape door, for $14000. And an Exiss 2006, front tack, escape door, 24 foot, for $12000.
Kinda leaning towards the Exiss, unless you guys tell me some thing bad about them.

I have a '93 26 foot Trailman, that I love, and have pulled it less the 20,000 miles, plus a Featherlite 20 foot front tack steel, so its not that I have to have a different trailer, but if I can trade 2 for one, and end up with a psture trailer to boot, I might trade.

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