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An Oldie but a Goodie!

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May 29, 2005
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This is a 1975 model 700 BobCat that I have had forever. I think this was one of the largest BobCat made at that time. I have had several more since I bought this but no one wants to give anything for it so it just stays around and is great as a backup and great to keep at the south farm so we don't have to haul constantly.

A neighbor borrowed it several years ago and rolled it 3 complete revolutions over backwards into the bottom of a pond he was putting in. He was lucky as the seatbelt held him in and there was no water in the pond yet. He was able to drive it back to his house to change undies!

Cracked the Plexiglas in the back and destroyed the lights but no major problems.

Crossing the road on a regular basis so I have plenty of reflective tape and lights.

I made side panels out of 3/8" Plexiglas and made them so that one toggle on each side removes or replaces them. I built a door for it as well but almost never use it as if you are dressed to work outside and keep the wind off you are fine.


I added a set of rear axel weights off a MF 510 Combine about 10 to 12 years ago as it would tip witha 1,500# bale and it now handles a 2,200# bale. Only problem if you drop the bucket to go get a bale spear or set of forks you drive slowly or it will sit on its butt!


I cut the weight bracket so that it would not be any wider than the tires and tried to make it look like it came with the skid steer from the factory.


It needs a paint job this winter!


Tape is easily visable from all sides. 2 hallogen lights on front, one on rear and a yellow strobe on top.


I had a hydrolic line spraying a fine mist and plugged the cooling fins on the drivers side of the engine and the front pistion on that side came apart and the back piston on that side stuck the rings so I went thru it early in the year and honed the cylinder walls and rebuilt it. The passenger side was as good as new when I took it apart but I put it back new anyway. Runs like a new one .
Those forks are made by another ex Jar Head that owns " Ell River Steel" in northern Indiana - - - he does great work and very reasonable prices.

Those forks were $425.00

You can call Jenny and Herb will make just about anything you need - - all top quality products!

Visit their site at http://www.eelriversteel.com/index.php

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