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Andrea Mitchell Tries To Smear Romney

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Feb 10, 2005
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Another guy from the MSNBC's editing room will be out of a job when the higher ups finish their investigation into HOW THIS EDITED TAPE MADE IT ON THE AIR. :roll:

How many editing mistakes are people going to buy before they realize The people in command at MSNBC are pulling the crap intentionally. :roll:


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
what is a Wawa?

for those who live in this area it is a modern version of a 7-11

a family owned corporation that is know locally for good coffee and cheap gas...

for years they ran a chain of convenience stores... each well ran and pretty much an exact copy of each other..

then they bought two refineries and went into the gas business... knowing at 75% capacity they could offer cheap gas and make money..

at each store/station opening they set a new bar for lower gas prices... usually dropping the price about twenty to thirty cents...

in an effort to lower coffee prices and still provide good hot coffee they
switched from burners to carafes..

they often buy niche brand coffees and offer then at much less the other fancy coffee places

and they have a great sandwich made your way in a few minutes...

on a busy day, you can hit the screen... order a custom sandwich.. or a hot lunch.. grab a drink, pay for it and head out the door with the sandwich.. (usually a hoagie)

I like a turkey.. provolone, lettuce, pickles,... light onions, light vinegar, light oil on top, and light mayo on the roll.. with salt pepper oregano and grated Parmesan cheese on top.. I get the bun toasted ...

and it is done in a few minutes.. or about the time it takes me to pull up to the pump,.. say fill it up... walk into the store.. order, pay and grab my sandwich and gas receipt as I head out the driveway.. ..

oh and they pump the gas as well here in Jersey... and it is still less then our surrounding states..

and the Wawa's have super clean restrooms with jet propelled hand dryers...

and there probably isn't a cup holder in the state that doesn't sport a WAWA coffee cup... sure some liberals slip them into Starbucks coffee sleeves, to hide their conservative side..

(this place could be heaven if it wasn't for all the darn liberals)... heck I even had a Kenny Chesney concert in our back yard yesterday..

but the point is.. WAWA is what is right in business.,.. and liberals are what is wrong with the government,.. and New Jersey... no wonder the liberals edited the clip.. cause that reality of what Romney was actually talking about.. is a bit hard for them to take.. :roll: :lol: :lol:

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