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Another gunshot to the foot of the beef industry

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Mar 2, 2005
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Tell me isn't true! Please!

USA Today

"Kentucky: Tollesboro - Dorena Hord, 61, faces 86 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly allowing her cattle to starve to death. Someone called the sheriff's department last week to report seeing dead cows on her farm off Kentucky 12-37. Lewis County Sheriff Bill Lewis says an investigation found that the animals died from starvation."

Once again, let's assume the liberal, left-leaning media has reported this in such a way as to make everyone assume that Dorena is a totally bad person who has done an unbelievable thing.

Does anyone out there know more about this? Had Dorena suffered a stroke or something and was barely able to take care of herself until she was found? At today's prices, one or two cows would have brought enough at the sale barn to buy a lot of feed if that was necessary.

I've heard of things like this happening when the bank forecloses on the cattle and hasn't removed them for various reasons. Maybe she could not legally sell any cattle. The industry, through its member organizations, needs to investigate things like this so everyone will know the real story - in my opinion. Do you have an opinion?

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