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Another storm a comin'!!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
watching the weather channel while working an overtime shift last night an they say we are gonna get another of mother nature's twisted jokes comin' in tonight!!! we are gonna be under winter storm watch starting midnight tonight all through wednesday :roll: :roll: .....so much for my 9 year olds first baseball game of the season :( ....suppose to be halfways decent on thursday....ugly on friday and then nice on saturday :? ....Gee, just when you think ya got things figured out, time to batten down the hatches again :???: !! hope the rest of you are weathering things well!!! have a super one :D
ranchwife- 37 degrees and raining here this morning- Must have about a 1/4 of an inch--nice moisture and I didn't want to patch fences again today anyway......

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