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AP article on Feed Ban Loopholes

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Mar 7, 2005
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Sarasota Florida
Here is a link to records that do traceback of feeds that starts on Dec .9 2005 by FDA. http://www.scoringsystem.com/files/Feed_Manufacturer_Page.pdf
Staff, is your system the only one that does this, or are their others? What are the benefits of using your system over a less costly one?
Yes our system is the only Site-Specific recordkeeping database operating in the world that tracks a product by location code called PIDC.It surpasses ISO as it has a code for every square meter or yard of the surface of the earth. Here is a another record for a single product which can be a solid or a liquid .http://www.scoringsystem.com/files/Single_Ingred_Page.pdf
As for cost we seem to be the lowest web -based one at this time ,so low that it is used in most of the poorest countrys in the world.
So how many boluses are in circulation in the US, being one of the richest countries in the world?
Well for instance boluses are being made by Dupont and sold by AVID,and Ditigal Angel.These are being sold mostly in brush country and where there is cattle rustling.The EU. will be switching to all boluses in 2007 as they have had problems with subsidies and farmers removing RFID buttons.Austrailia is mostly boluses or pellets as they call them.South America banks use boluses for asset inventory control of their cattle holdings and the farmer an ranchers say they never lose them..
Murgen,I use boluses in my cows but not on the calves I sell .Boluses cost twice as much but a cow never loses it,just like magnets,they stay put.You were asking Staff about how many are used in North America and probably you should ask Dupont as they make them.I would wager a bet that Australia has the biggest use but I read that Africa uses boluses alot according to storys I found on Google.

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