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Are the Repub. Candidates Natural Born?

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Apr 12, 2008
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Feb 13, 2005
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by the article if a parent is naturalized citizen and the child lives in a foreign country by law they cease to be a citizen?

The official position of the Madison administration was that persons born in the U.S. to alien parents were not U.S. citizens. This was the ruling concerning James McClure, despite the fact that his parents had been settled in the country for many years prior to his birth. The article makes clear that the United States Minister to France, General Armstrong, refused diplomatic protection for McClure by denying he was a citizen of the United States.

This was the official decision despite McClure having been born in South Carolina in 1785 to a father who was naturalized months later in 1786. Armstrong informed the French authorities that the man was not a U.S. citizen, and McClure was left in French custody. The article by PUBLIUS indicates that Armstrong might have mis-applied the 1802 Naturalization Act, but PUBLIUS also makes clear that McClure was not a citizen by virtue of his native birth in South Carolina:


The article goes on to question whether the 1802 act is defective in that PUBLIUS seems to believe citizenship ought to be revoked for naturalized persons who return to their original country and establish domicile there again. But the article makes clear that Madison’s administration steadfastly denied that simple birth in the United States was enough to establish citizenship. This, of course, discredits the conclusions of Justice Horace Gray in U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, as well as the infamous New York Chancery opinion of Lynch v. Clark. Both cases contain erroneous assumptions that the British common law rule of jus soli governed citizenship from the very genesis of the United States.

maybe it is time for the SCOTUS to look at the issue again.

by the original intent birthright citizenship was a states decision not a US federal position.

but as to which is a natural citizen?

both Santorum and Romney could have issues.
Bachmann is born to "Norwegian Lutherans".. (you can't get more American then that),,,,
and Perry is fifth generation Texan.. while I am not from Texas, that has to be at least as good as "Norwegian Lutheran" for citizenship.. cause about half of everyone I knew growing up was a Norwegian Lutheran.. and they were all Americans,

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