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Are you better off than you were 14 trillion dollars ago?

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Apr 12, 2008
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Are you better off than you were 14 trillion dollars ago?

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last three years have turned our country upside down politically, economically, racially, morally, fiscally, and internationally. I no longer recognize the U.S. that many citizens around the globe admired, aspired to emulate, dreamed to visit, owed their freedom to, and considered big brother in times of need, disaster, and danger.

We have lost the NASA space program and our leading edge in space. We are now left with renting a chair on the Chinese or Russian flights, we are the poor cousin who does not own a car and must pay for a ride.

The emotional and hollow “hope and change” for utopia has turned into a nightmare that some of us recognized from past painful experience. We have lost our triple rating as a financial power, we are a nation with shady credit and insurmountable debt. It threatens our national security.

We have a housing crisis caused and manipulated by Democrat Congressmen like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Maxine Waters, who kept assuring President Bush that we did not need to clean up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. We did not need to reign in the forced lending of expensive homes to poor people who did not intend to pay them back. Democrats told us that it was unfair to deny mortgages to people with shady credit.

The Administration nationalized Chrysler and GM, violating private contracts, shafting shareholders and bondholders to the benefit of unions and a foreign corporation.

Obama took over college lending with the intention of telling students where to go to school, what to study, where to work when they graduated, and how much money they could make.

Banks who were forced to make bad mortgage loans failed and were bailed out with taxpayer money. Even foreign owned insurance companies received our hard-earned dollars. We made investments in the oil industries of Brazil while preventing American companies from drilling.

This administration stopped giving FEMA funds for disaster relief to states that did not vote for Obama or Democrats. Some states were completely ignored in their hours of need, while others were turned down twice such as the Commonwealth of Virginia.

EPA issued stringent regulations responsible for the shutdown of coal-burning plants that generate electricity. The expressed purpose was to make electricity more expensive and discourage its use. Seventy thousand jobs were threatened in West Virginia due to excessive mining regulations.

Billions of dollars in grants were given to solar panel makers like Solyndra that eventually went bankrupt because they could not make the panels cheap enough to make the industry efficient in generating solar power. Presently solar energy is not going to be able to replace energy needs for the largest economy on earth.

The states of Arizona and Alabama were sued by the Justice Department for passing acts to enforce immigration laws. The federal government failed to protect our borders adequately.

The medical and health insurance system were nationalized by strong-arming Congress, bribing it, forcing the passage of a 3,000-page bill that nobody understood, read, or debated thoroughly as it should have been. In spite of the large citizen opposition, it passed in the dead of night.

Taxes were increased and imposed on the average American while stoking the masses with the lies of “tax the rich,” “tax the corporate fat cats,” “make them pay their fair share,” “make Wall Street pay.” Acorn played a pivotal role in intimidating CEOs into giving in to their demands by protests at their homes. Acorn helped register millions of non-existent citizens, dead voters, animals, and cartoon characters.

College students, who have no understanding of how the economy works or even care to understand how it works, were paid to protest and occupy Wall Street and other cities around the nation with money from SEIU, Daily Kos, Moveon.org, Soros, Van Jones, and other like-minded Marxist outlets. Defecating publicly in parks, stoned, drinking beer, and yelling nonsense, they appear to be the armies that Obama had promised in his pre-election speeches that will “fundamentally transform America” through a communist revolution.

America was not in need of change, it did not need fundamental transformation. The ardent supporters did not pay attention to the message. They were mesmerized by the charisma, the style, the youth, the skin color, and the empty suit promises from a man who never held a real job in his life, just like some of his voters who lived in their parents’ basements.

Protesting capitalism, while listening to music on iPods, using iphones, and other electronic devices invented by entrepreneurial Americans, paid malcontents asked for sleeping bags, food, doctors, medicine, and other goods produced by the free market capitalism.

We now have crony capitalism – only Obama’s friends and donors need apply for special favors, grants, and stimuli. We had so many bailouts, grants, incentives and jobs programs. We have lost count of the billions wasted that lined the pockets of his supporters and Democrat campaign chests instead of fixing our infrastructure, our schools, roads, and bridges.

Unemployment is around twenty percent, not the deceptive nine percent reported in the media. There are almost 25 million unemployed, underemployed, and discouraged workers. This number represents 20 percent of our labor force of approximately 125 million Americans.

College graduates are beginning to wake up that they are not going to find the dream job they thought they were going to waltz into, making a six-figure salary just because they received a college degree in some esoteric field with no job openings or prospects. Nobody wants to start at the bottom and gain experience.

Government does not create jobs, it creates bureaucracies with despotic bureaucrats who take away and control more and more of our freedoms. Small businesses and corporations create jobs, the very corporations that are vilified constantly by Obama and his Democrats.

Obamacare has every employer on the edge about hiring. They are not sure what tax and health insurance liabilities they will incur with each new employee. Business and consumer confidence are very low.

The Democrat controlled Congress passed bills to regulate Wall Street and banks. They are now bearing fruit in the form of higher costs passed on to consumers. Are banks greedy? The greed comes from Congress and Obama’s administration who want power, votes, and re-election contributions. Many bills Congress passed allowed businesses to move overseas, to reduce or eliminate their tax burden, and to make it easier hire foreign workers. Companies made generous campaign contributions to Congress.

The job czar, the head of GE, has moved some GE factories to other countries, citing higher demand and a better business environment. It is a blatant conflict of interest to have the head of GE tasked with the creation of American jobs.

Health insurance premiums have increased by 9 percent and many citizens will not be able to keep their insurance or their doctors as promised. We are losing the best medical care in the world because a few million people needed insurance – we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater instead of addressing the real problems such as tort reform and buying insurance across state lines.

We no longer have culture debates on various issues as we used to have under past presidents: abortion, animal rights, bilingual education, drugs, gun politics, multiculturalism, sexual education, stem cell research, law and order, media bias, moral apathy, feminism, secularism, and the death penalty. These debates are gone as if everything has been resolved and decided by the current regime and the liberal media.

The conservative majority protests by millions under the Tea Party banner were generally ignored by the media. The Taxed Enough Already (TEA) message was distorted, maligned, and astro-turfed. The liberal minority protested violently and the media displayed them ad nauseam as if they are the only citizens in this country. Hate speech replaced political correctness with the same end game, to silence the free speech of conservatives.

Sharia Law was introduced in parts of the country although it is incompatible with our Constitution and our legal system. We seem to be unable to stop its advancement and promotion by a small, well organized, and funded minority.

United Nations Agenda 21 has been stealthily introduced since 1992 at the state and local levels and it is now in the full phase of implementation. The Obama federal government has mandated a Sustainability plan for every department that includes green energy, land use, water use, green building, smart city growth, and green transportation. The end game is to confiscate private property by making it useless to the owner and forcing them into mixed use, high-rise tenements, five minutes from work and school by bike or walking.

Public transportation will replace our use of cars. In certain D.C. suburbs, roads are being narrowed to make driving and parking difficult or impossible. Maryland high school students cannot read or write well but they must pass an environmental literacy exam in order to graduate.

We are ruled by EPA and Department of Energy fiat rules and regulations that empower government bureaucrats to take our private wealth and re-distribute it to the poor in this country and around the globe in the name of social justice.

We have spent trillions of dollars on the War on Poverty and we have not made a dent into this perceived poverty. We have lost this war but the rhetoric of poverty gets louder and louder from the left.

Advisors to the White House want a population control plan because they think the planet is strained and there are just too many inhabitants. The herd must be culled through attrition or birth control because we are hurting the environment. We must become slaves and good stewards to the environment, giving land back to the wild according to the Wildlands Project.

Law and order is no longer enforced, as it should be, officers are looking away as vagrants/protesters occupy public and private areas for weeks but are allowed to stay because owners have ties to either the mayor’s office or the elites in power in Washington. Voters were threatened and intimidated by baton yielding individuals who were not prosecuted.

The compliant media are open promoters of Marxism, no longer afraid to show their true socialist colors they have been hiding for years. Hollywood is promoting and advocating re-education camps for the rich who refuse to give up their wealth in excess of $100 million. If that fails, they are calling for the guillotine. Is this America we know and want?

Nobody respects us in the world anymore. People are shocked that we elected such overt Marxist incompetence in Washington. Where is the unconditional love Obama’s presidency was going to bring us? He is disrespected more than many former presidents because his lavish spending has brought the rest of the world closer to the brink of financial meltdown and ruin.

Luckily, we do have a few items left in our arsenal of freedoms: our dignity, our guns, our voting rights, and freedom of speech and assembly. If they shut down the Internet, we can still meet and honor our duty to save and protect the Constitution and our country from destruction.

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