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As a Conservative, who do I vote for.....

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Oct 14, 2010
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What are we gonna do if Romney chose Condolezza Rice as VP running mate? :D

That might pose a wee little intsy problem for Barry.

I was thinking earlier today, I know it has been discussed before that the racists (I refuse to use the lefts term of "reverse" or any thing else from this point forward) of sharpton and such claim Barry as the first black President and how ridiculous it is to make so much of him being black because he is mixed. He is half of what they claim to have suppressed them. The guy fighting the people who's ancestors oppressed the black man, has himself ancestory that oppressed the black man.

He is half devil if you listen to the man with the clinched fist. Therefore, by his own moral code, he must hate himself. He owe's himself restitution. I wonder if he has paid it? I can only imagine that this is what the $48 k paid to the girls was for.

Then I thought, Barry has to hate his own mother! She is 100% devil. Grandparents also.

And his dad..... his dad was a "cracker" lover! How can he respect him? Much less wright a book about him?

How does Michelle live with herself, loathing the white man like she does, after marrying a man that is half white?

And how can Barry love a woman that loves a man that is a half white devil?

The guy has to be nuttier than squirrel poop for all this to seem cohesive.

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