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Atheist's brick bible is offensive.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
when I first read the story about Sam's club yanking a childrens' bible, I was a bit concerned..

but when I found out the Bible stories and illustrations were written by an atheist... I was a bit shocked... on why it was on the shelf to begin with...

"When my husband and I first saw 'The Brick Bible' at Sam's Club, we thought, What a fantastic idea for our nephews to have for Christmas," she wrote. "I flipped through the book, and when I got home went straight to the website in hopes to see if there were more stories. This is where it all went downhill for me. While the website does have a content warning on it, I feel the paraphrase of the Bible stories are not age appropriate and should be identified both on the website and the book itself."

Indeed, while Smith says "The Brick Bible" has been edited and abridged to remove objectionable content, the full body of LEGO Bible work on his website is marked with warning labels for nudity, sexual content, violence and cursing.

Smith is a self-described atheist, he also insists he is not mocking the Bible and Judeo-Christianity,

The result is often a depiction of biblical events stripped of the usual Sunday school imagery, depicting instead a picture that may be closer to reality. For instance, Smith's version of Noah's flood has heads, body parts and LEGO debris laying parallel to a flat blue base, which Martin describes as "oddly believable as a deluge. Who would have thought?"


He also reportedly claimed that "it was reps from Walmart/Sam's Club who had seen an advance version of the book and said they were very interested to place a large order of the book for their stores, but only if we were willing to remove or replace a dozen of the Old Testament illustrations – out of 1,400 total – that showed LEGO people in sexual poses.

"The truth of the matter is the Bible does have accounts that are violent and intense, but those teaching the stories usually teach them on an age appropriate level," Grace wrote. "When I decided to contact Sam's Club, my concerns were first, the book was being presented as a Bible, which it is not. [Second], the book was being geared for children, [though] it is not age appropriate for all children, and [third], that there was no content warning regarding the website. As a technology driven generation, children will be immediately drawn to visit the website, which does have vulgar content.

a quick view of the website shows it is not intended for children and is mocking with versions of stories taken totally out of context and with out spiritual meaning.. and it is graphic!


Old Testament > King David >

2 Samuel 13:21
But he did not punish his son Amnon, because he loved him, for he was his firstborn.

warning the site is well past R rated..

I think almost anyone would think that is mocking.. (except maybe an atheist)...
all that is left is for Lego to sue his book now...

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