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Apr 6, 2005
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Roberts named TheMat.com Wrestler of the Week
Gary Abbott/USA Wrestling

Note: To nominate a wrestler for TheMat.com Wrestler of the Week, send the athlete's name, accomplishments for the week and career accomplishments to John Fuller at [email protected]

John G. Roberts (Washington, D.C.) has been named TheMat.com Wrestler of the Week for the week of September 13-19.

Each week, TheMat.com will select an Athlete of the Week, based upon performance within wrestling for that week. The selection committee will consider any level of wrestling, from youth programs through the Senior level. The announcement will be made each week on Wednesday.

Roberts was nominated by President George W. Bush to serve as the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy left by the death of Chief Justice William Renquist. Roberts participated in confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee this past week, providing information on a variety of topics that were of interest to Senators in both parties.

Roberts was a successful high school wrestler at La Lumiere prep school in Northern Indiana. He competed at the 132-pound weight class at the school.

According to his high school coach David Kirkby, in an interview with USA Today, “Any move his man made, John had an answer for, because he made it a point to prepare so well for each opponent. He’d flash that smile. It wasn’t cocky or arrogant, just something that said, ‘This is just the way it is supposed to happen.’”

Roberts was a popular and successful student in high school, who did very well in classes as well as in extracurricular activities. He was highly motivated. “It was clear that the guy he was really competing with was John Roberts,” said high school classmate Robert MacLaverty in the USA Today interview.

Roberts, 50, was appointed as a judge to the Washington D.C. Circuit in 2003 by President Bush. Before his appointment, he practiced at Hogan & Hartson firm from 1986-1989 and from 1993-2003. He served as the Principal Deputy Solicitor General in the administration of President George H. Bush. He also served in the administration of President Ronald Reagan as a Special Assistant to the Attorney General from 1981-82 and as an Associate Counsel to the President from 1982-1986.

Judge Roberts attended Harvard and Harvard Law School. He served as a clerk for Judge Henry Friendly on the Second Circuit, and then as a clerk for Judge William Renquist, who he would follow as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court if Roberts is confirmed.


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