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Attention, please for all going to Deadwood!

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
What do you think about this little idea? We all bring something from home (or you can buy something if you want, but not necessary) and we will have a drawing for each item. Everything brought will go home with someone else. I think it could be fun!!

On another note, my father is back in the hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming. I was there this weekend and things don't look good. I am planning to go back down Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully, I can get away on Thursday for the get-together, depending on how he is doing. If I am not there, you will know why. Life has become quite a struggle for him, but he keeps hanging in there.
Prayers for both of you gals and your dads. I'm glad both of you are putting family first. Family is really important to me and mine.
is that Fort Collins Colorado where you're dad will have surgery/

Thanks everyone,
Dad is 80, will turn 81 in September. They leave Tuesday for Fort Collins. Moms biggest fear is the traffic and finding the clinic they need to go too. Then they go to the hospital. If everything goes well, Dad will be able to come home in 5 or 6 days. The closest doctor for them is 32 miles when they get home. Dad will be on cumadent after sergury so will have to moitor is blood closely. I have talked to Carole her on ranchers net so as to when I know more I can let you guys know maybe you can give me some advice for the folks. Moms email address is [email protected]

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