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atv mileage?

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Sep 7, 2010
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Southern Alberta
asked the question about atv gas mileage a month back, and have done some of my own tests

honda 300 fourtrax 22.5 miles to 1 imperial gallon

93 suzuki tracker 29.1 miles to 1 imperial gallon

93 mazda 2 whl drive pu truck 34 miles to the imperial gal.

the honda is sure handy for some things but i really did expect better mileage

most of the driving was done just around the place checking cows, fencing etc.
Your post got me to wondering too; my Yamaha 450 quad was only getting about 45-50 miles a tank through calving.....brutal conditions. Now I have to find my manual & see how much fuel it holds........ maybe I don't wanta know! :?
Our Honda Foreman gets about 20 mpg. doing nothing but short runs here and there around the farm. Lately it has been temperamental to keep running at an idle.
hayguy, the thing is your test need to be done running the same vehicles through the same course at the same time to be accurate.

I bet the sidekick and pickup had some leisurely road miles included in their test, while the Honda was stuck with the low speed grunt work.
I KNOW for a fact that my Sidekick gets better mileage then my Kawasaki Prairie 360 4-wheeler.The Sidekick does all the pasture work, while the 4-wheeler gets to run back and forth. Best I have ever gotten with the 4 wheeler is 14.3 mpg. The Sidekick month after month is running 15-18mpg. The Sidekick hasn't seen the highway in 3 month.
both the mazda and tracker were tested just around the place, with the longest run being no more than a couple of miles. the tracker gets lots of stop and go action as i use it a lot for gopher shooting, it also pulls an old tent trailer with my shooting bench. it makes for a pretty good ute, checking cows, fencing etc. all with a cab and heater, much appreciated after this last winter. :D our imperial gallon is larger than yours therefor the slightly better mileage
The saddle horses get about a week to the bushel lol. I've never measured what the ranch ATV's get but I know when we were guiding under some tough conditions they seemed to burn a fair amount then.

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