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Aussie Left records worst election result since Federation

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Apr 12, 2008
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Queensland has decisively rejected Labor, reducing them to a political rump which may not even achieve party status (10 or more seats in the new parliament).

While State issues have strong influence in State elections this is a severe repudiation of Labor and its National policies – notably the despised carbon tax and the assault on State revenues through an additional profits tax on mining States’ main exports of coal and iron ore (mainly afflicting Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia).

Watch for Federal Labor to blink and delay the proposed carbon tax until the next election (which they will inevitably lose short several industrial-grade miracles).

Politicians globally are likely to take this bloodbath as a warning – voters will not tolerate enormous and entirely pointless energy taxes imposed to “address” a problem which does not exist.

This is the beginning of the political demise of global warming, carbon constraint and energy rationing. Moreover voters have severely thrashed the anti-development Greens and obstructive environmentalism.

The people have spoken. It’s development all the way.


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