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Babbit is back! And he wants more land! Fed. Landgrab update

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
from Denny Rehberg

Bruce Babbitt Is Back!
And He Wants More Land
Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is back, and renewing the cry for President Obama to abuse the Antiquities Act and unilaterally declare millions of acres in Montana and around the West as "National Monuments."
Montanans remember Bruce Babbitt well. It was his empty promise of public input that provided a political smoke screen for the infamous Clinton Land Grab of 2001.
When Montanans awoke on January 18, 2001, they found that with the stroke of a pen and no public input, President Clinton had created the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. Overnight, tens of thousands of acres in Montana were locked up. Similar designations were made across the West.
Bruce Babbitt, the architect of that land grab, has set his sights on a much bigger prize. Not content with tens of thousands of acres, now he wants millions of acres.
We had received a hint of those plans when a secret Department of Interior memo was leaked. It recommended the designation of 13 million acres of land (2.5 million acres in Montana alone) across 11 different Western states as National Monuments. See for yourself; here are the facts.
Once again, federal officials are promising to seek public input before deciding how to act. The question is, what happens when public input doesn't support their secret plans?
Well, we know the answer to that question too. Even if public outcry blocks unpopular legislation, Washington bureaucrats will get their way by simply ignoring the public and enacting their plan. Just like Bruce Babbitt did in 2001.
So much for public input.

Montanans Deserve A Voice

I've introduced legislation - H.R. 845, the Montana Land Sovereignty Act - which would ensure that Montanans won't be left out of the process when it comes to managing our own land.
My legislation is simple. Under current law, Congress must approve any National Monument designation in Wyoming and in parts of Alaska. This ensures that the people of Wyoming and Alaska have a say in what happens to their land. Federal bureaucrats can't unilaterally decide to lock up land without asking anyone.
My bill simply establishes the same requirement of congressional approval for new National Monuments in Montana. It ensures us a seat at the table and protects us from actions like Bruce Babbitt's 2001 Land Grab.


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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
lightninboy said:
New World Order agenda strikes again.

UN Agenda 21 strikes again. It's not some "conspiracy theory", but is documented.

You'd get a lot more response if you provided the documents and how they are affected our lives.

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