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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Ty just getting back to riding broncs but got his first covered of the year at the Rodeo Ready futurity in Vermillion. Won himself a few truck payments so that helps. It was kind of cool it was Rod Hay's horse 'Timebomb' he rode so he spent some time with one of best bronc riders. Two more horses today in the Jackpot so hopefully the good luck continues.
He's talking about pulling his PRCA permit so that would help the Waldorf is only two hours north of the border. He has a nice Franklin horse-if there is such a thing and the FCA runner up horse of the year so he's got a bucker and one he should be able to polish up today.
I hope you don't burn that boy out. :?

What with managing the home place,being your only help at the Waldorf and hitting the rodeo circuit he will be meeting himself on the road somewhere. :|
Shauna and the girls are doing a good job of calving-Sara is minding the fort this weekend-he's going home the first week of June to finish up a couple miles of fence. Kind of a busy couple months for everybody though.
BMR wrote: "being your only help at the Waldorf" ---hmmmm. This is not a fair representation. I am sure it was not intentional, but couldnt let it go.
The gang at Alberta Carriage do a great job of teaching rookies to harness and drive a single horse and a team. They have a very practical approach to teaching by doing with 4 instructors for 16 or so students. There was not alot of jargon used and the focus was safety and getting us to understand the fuctional aspects of harnesses and proper fit or adjustment for the task and horses. I hope my new suffolk punches with 45 - 60 days training are ready to learn together.

NR the other man will show you where the key to the gas tank is to fill the prowler.
I guess this is why I figured Ty was NR's only help at the Waldorf.

"Re: The Challenge

Postby Northern Rancher » Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:41 pm
"I have just started an interesting chapter in my life-I took over management of a fairly large outfit-were calving 650 and breeding 850. I'm giving my son Ty a chance to get his feet wet at the home place without Dad looking over his shoulder. He is also my only cowboy at the bigger outfit."

Around the Circle Y nobody is just a cowboy. We all do any job that needs doing.

Thank you BMR. To be clear and fair to the others that make valuable and important contributions to Waldorf Ranch, in addition to NR and Ty, there are two others that play very important roles at the ranch. Oh ya those are in addition to me, and I spend 50% of my time there too. It appears its not quite enough. I am undertaking some major changes at the ranch and in the short run I need some extra help to make those changes.

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