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Blame game

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Feb 10, 2005
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Can any of our resident liberals answer this. Why are people like Charlie Rangel/ a Democrat, so shocked when they hear a Republican say they are going to see to it Obama is a one term President? :?

Is that not something that all Republicans would think about a DEMOCRAT President? Can any of you Libs say you wouldn't do anything you could to see to it a Republican was a one term President? :roll:

I'm sick of the stupidity of the Dems blaming the Republicans for everything that DID NOT GET DONE in the first two years of Obama's Presidency, because they were to busy seeing to it he is a one term President. :roll: :x The Dems had a Super Majority in the Senate and a Majority in the Congress, If they got NOTHING DONE it was because they had a loser leader and they were fighting among themselves. The Republicans could not have stop anything they really wanted and the proof of that is Obamacare being passed with a lot of backroom deals to buy off Democrats .

It is time to get real and stop blaming the Republicans for Obama's failures, even Maxine Waters realizes he is not working out when it comes to his Black Base. Those that voted 98% in favor of skin color instead of experience are paying the price with high unemployment and more dependency on the Government. I hope they have learned a lesson.

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