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Border sheriffs need our help

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Feb 11, 2005
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Dear Fellow Patriot,

February 2 marks a critical deadline for opponents of illegal immigration.

The Border Sheriffs will file our amicus brief with the Supreme Court on this date as they prepare to hear our case this spring. This amicus brief is a critical component to the case supporting Arizona's law, SB 1070. The Obama Administration has tried to undermine Arizona in a power grab that jeopardizes states' rights.

All the work, all the talk, all the monetary support to date has brought us to a place we had only a somewhat slim hope at which to arrive. The road has been difficult, but one that had to be traveled if our Constitution is to survive this challenge. The decision rendered by the Supreme Court will reverberate throughout the nation, for better or worse. And that is why your support in this battle is absolutely critical in this battle!

The legal bill to file our amicus brief will top $300,000 - far exceeding our previous estimates. I'm turning to you with such a critical appeal today to help us make up the difference. We need to raise this amount by February 2, when our brief is due!

Will you help the Border Sheriffs cover the legal expenses to win this Supreme Court case? Please take a moment right now to make a tax-deductible contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount you can give.

We have prevailed in the battle, but the war is not over. We must do everything we can to win this case for all Americans. I have spent 34 years in law enforcement, and I have seen firsthand the effects of illegal immigration on our nation.

But the Obama Administration and the ACLU are fighting against me and others who are trying to prevent law enforcement officers from enforcing the laws we have sworn to enforce. Let me tell you, if the Supreme Court does not rule in our favor, it will send shock waves through this country.

Our involvement in these court cases has been invaluable, and I would hate to see us have to sit out the Supreme Court case because of lack of funds. That's why I'm asking you to make an emergency donation of $25 or more to save law and order in our country. Please follow this link to donate before our February 2 deadline! No donation is too small and every dollar brings us closer to our goal.

Illegal immigration is costing taxpayers billions each year, and we can no longer afford to be bullied by the ACLU and the Obama Administration. Winning this court battle will put an end to their attempts at a power grab. Please take action today before it's too late! Donate $5, $25, $50 or $100 to help us cover our legal bills.

Thank you for your support.


Sheriff Larry Dever

P.S. We have a critical deadline approaching and I'm emailing you with an urgent appeal. The Border Sheriffs must raise $300,000 by February 2 in order to file our amicus brief in the Supreme Court case. I want to tell the court firsthand what I have seen on our border as a sheriff. Please help us reach our goal by giving $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can spare right away. It's absolutely urgent that we reach our goal by February 2! Thank you.

3 Beheadings in the US, in the last year, by the drug cartels. why would you have to secure the borders?

It's not like these illegals are Islamic terrorist like..........

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