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Bragging on my daughter

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May 29, 2005
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I was going thru so old stacks in the range safety office and I found an old target from my daughter.

She never wanted to even look at a firearm until asking for a rifle for her 18th birthday. I did not know if she would stick to it so I found Dunhams Sporting goods had a Savage model 64 on sale for $99.00 including a 4 power scope.

I got it for her birthday and took her to the range ( I own the range on my property but she had always stayed away ) and after I zeroed in the scope and about 1,000 rounds over 2 days she wanted to go "rapid fire"

She was standing while supporting her left hand on the upright roof support and sent two 10 round magazines down range quickly.


If you notice all 20 rounds were on paper, the blue circles are where 2 rounds almost in the same hole. Only 4 did not hit the prairie dog.

Later on she decided to follow in Dad's footsteps and went to the USMC reserves for 6 years - - - she is out now and we shoot together quite a lot.


I guess my bragging is done for today!

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