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BSE did not scare the "grillers"!

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Feb 11, 2005
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The report below indicates Americans feel their Beef IS safe if USDA Inspected! So why do we need a mandated individual system? Lets put a Producer/Premise metal tag in their ear and we can go back to the source and TRACK UP!

"Legions of Americans threw steaks, hamburgers, chicken, pork chops and a variety of other meats on outdoor grills during the holiday weekend thanks to rain-free weather over much of the country, meat stores and industry analysts said.

The beef industry may be particularly relieved by reports of brisk holiday meat sales, because it should prove that consumers were not turned away by the latest case of mad cow disease.

Cattle futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange bounded higher on Tuesday, the first trading session after the Monday holiday, in part because of preliminary reports of active weekend beef sales, livestock analysts said." :roll:

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