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Bucking Horse Sale

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If I have to pick I would say the one on the horse, but I don't ride paints. The one in the black hat with Ricochet looks like he needs someone to shape in bonnet for him.
I looked, I couldn't see much wrong with the black hat (on the guy in the middle), then I spotted it, the corny hat on the little feller to the right!!

Speaking of hats, they have been running some Glenn Ford movies on The Western Channel. I always wondered why his hats were better shaped than just about any other movie stars' of that era. Before tonight's movie they gave a little background on Glenn Ford (my husband told me this). Ford is from Canada and he and his folks moved to California and he spent quite a little time with Will Rogers!!! I never knew this--but I bet that explains the nice hats!

I swear, I don't know where the movie folks come up with some of the hats that 'cowboys' wear in the movies. Sometimes it is downright hysterical.

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