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Buckwheat To Get 12,000 More Voters

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Feb 10, 2005
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Obama preparing voters – 12,000 crack dealers to be released early from jail
Fire Andrea Mitchell Blog ^ | 6/13/11 | staff

Obama has to get his "crack" vote ready for 2012. So what a better way then to give at least 12,000 early releases from jail via the "Fair Sentencing Act." Did you know the Democrat controlled Congress last year passed this bill? I guess everyone was focused on the ObamaCARE bill and the nightmare Frank-N-Dodd bills. The so called "Fair Sentencing Act" is describe by the Washington Post as "narrowing the huge disparity in punishment" given to those convicted of possessing crack cocaine versus those found with the drug in powder form. Wow, I'm sure glad they cleared that up with the bill.

The Wall Street Journal mentions that the Obama regime is pushing to retroactively apply a new law that reduces sentences for crack cocaine convictions. Obviously he need all the voters he can muster next year. I can already see the signs! Crack Dealers for Obama 2012!

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