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Bull Customer Ranch Visits - lots of photos

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
Every year we try to visit the majority of our customers while the calves are on grass. We like to get to know our customers a little better and these visits help with that. I am happy with how the cows and calves look and how the bulls held up over the summer. What do you all think?

Clanton Ranch near Buffalo, SD

Tarter Ranch near Camp Crook, SD

Collins Ranch near Prairie City, SD

Hooper Ranch near Meriman, NE

Great looking cattle :D . I really like how interested you are in your customer's success. It would be great having help marketing calves and replacement females, providing a bull customer was heavily invested in your genetic program. Kudos to you!
Thanks everyone. I really enjoy going out and getting to know our customers a little better, as sale day isn't a good day to meet and visit. It is also rewarding to see the results and hear happy customers.

Thanks again for all the compliments.


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