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Busy Week

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
We had a busy but good week here. First we gave shots to AI 102 heifers, and we got 87 head to cycle which got AI'd. I am real happy with how they came in. Then we took them all (except for 26 of them which will be cleaning up the small pile of silage and distillers we have left) to grass using our (new to us) truck and pot. While we did all that, Dad had to go to Gordan, NE to Western Sire Services to pick up a bull that Accelerated and us had down there getting semen collected. And our custom farmers came and planted our 150 acres of silage corn and also put down some round up on a field of 105 acres where we will plant some sun flowers on in a week or so. Yesterday and today my brother and his wife are rebuilding some corral. Now hopefully it will rain like it is suppose to tonight, and it will finish off a great week!

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