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Campaign in Chief

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Feb 10, 2005
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Obama couldn't even have a joint press conference with the PM of Japan without turning it into a campaign event. :roll:

He was asked about Bin Laden's death, first he said there hasn't been anything special to mark the anniversary. I guess he forgets about Joe's campaign bumper stick, all the press including the MSNBC interview he did in the Situation Room and the Clinton Video his campaign made that has been in the news all weekend. :roll: Then without fail, he took it as a opportunity to mention, without actually saying his name, what Romney would have done can only be judged by what he said in the past. If that was what he truly believes then I guess we should all judge him on what he said in the PAST. TO BAD what he says seldom comes close to what he actually DOES. :roll:

What was funny though is when the same Obama staffer Oh I mean Reporter asked Obama about Bin Laden's death, she also asked the PM of Japan what he thought about how Obama is handling of Bin Laden. His answer was, Just because Bin Laden is dead doesn't mean the War is over. I guess he didn't get the press release from the Obama Administration. :wink:

Oh and they won't release the pictures but they are releasing Osama's Diary for everyone to read, Gee could this be because it is the Anniversary and unlike the pictures nobody can tell from the diary if it really was Osama?

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