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Canadian Angus was Right

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Had to get 5 4H calves domesticated in a very short time-it's been too snowy and muddy to use our donkey. Got the welding shop to make up some of those chain and loop deals like you said Dave-the kids had them pretty much where they needed them in a couple days. Thanks for the info.
i take it your talking about some kinda halter?? having trouble breaking 4-H calves to lead too ...can you give me some more info on them plz...thanks
They are basically an iron lop that goes over the nose with a small loop welded on the TOP then a chain with a snap that runs behind the ears-you snap your leadshank on the small loop. I'm not gifted enough on here to post a pic but maybe Dave is lol.

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