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Checkoff poll

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Tommy said:
How many here would want to vote on keeping the checkoff or do away with it?

I supported the checkoff from the start- thought it was a great idea...But since it has turned into an NCBA membership recruitment tool to promote their and their AMI puppethandlers political agenda- and as a cookie jar for them to delve into and use our taxes to pay for their daily operation--- IF a vote came up-I would vote against keeping the Checkoff....

If totally removed from NCBA's control- and the CBB completely separated from the NCBA (so they had less opportunity to rip off our tax money) --- I would vote to double it.....But to keep everything on the up and up- and so no other group could rip off money like NCBA does/did I would require a complete GAO/private forensic audit yearly- something NCBA has fought from day one...

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