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China Warns Britain/NATO Over Sending Ground Troops

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Apr 12, 2008
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Sunday, 24 April 2011 21:17
China disapproves of taking any actions that exceed the mandate of the Security Council: Chinese Official.

Hamsayeh.Net - China issues a warning to Britain and other NATO members involved in Libyan civil war not to exceed limited mandate set by UNSC resolution 1973. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters Beijing was unhappy with Britain’s announcement over sending military advisors to help the opposition side fight Ghaddafi forces.

‘China believes that the United Nations Security Council has primary responsibility for protecting international peace and security, and the various sides should strictly abide by the Security Council mandate in handling matters,’ Reuters reported Hong Lei as saying.

The resolution 1973 clearly outlines that UN forces must not take part in ongoing skirmishes in Libya but use the no-fly-zone to protect civilians from both sides. However, US and its allies have done a good job of implementing their own interpretation of the resolution by openly supporting the rebels, bombing civilians living in areas under Ghaddafi control and sending weapons/ military personnel to help the rebels.

Leading experts warn that western countries' inherent desire to harness China’s growing influence through cutting off her access to African energy resources. If NATO forces succeed in placing their puppet government in Benghazi then China would stand to lose important energy contracts signed with the Ghaddafi administration.


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