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Civil war?

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Jul 4, 2005
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This is very bad. (my emphasis)

"Following Mr. Khuzai's outraged speech in parliament, other members of the Shiite-led majority bloc said they also wanted militias to help stop such attacks. "We need militias to provide protection," said Saad Jawad Kandil, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a key party in the Shiite-led alliance that dominates parliament.
SCIRI controls the roughly 7,000-strong Badr militia force, which frequently has been accused by Sunni leaders of torturing and killing innocent Sunni civilians, including clerics. Before the government's formation, the multiparty Shiite alliance called loudly for a purge of police and Army units, in order to root out Baathist officers allegedly still loyal to the fallen regime of Saddam…."

while it seems you are "cheering" for a civil war, it is a far cry from it.

even by the articles point of view it is just Parlimentory talk and political attempt to resolve a problem. however the Iraqi's decide to proceed, will be in accordance with the rules set by the provisional goverment and under the guidance of the US. not even a "real bad situation",

But look furter or deeper into it and see the other side, hidden within the same article...

Despite claims of abuse against Sunnis, the Badr militia has reportedly been helpful previously in securing urban neighborhoods. During the Jan. 30 elec- tions, Shiite militiamen, through informal agreements with the Iraqi provisional government, helped Iraqi and coalition security forces set up barricades to defend polling stations. Meanwhile, militias controlled by Kurdish parties, which collaborated with US forces during the 2003 invasion, continue to play a key security role in northern Iraq.
Try that positive spin, Steve. The US and Iraqi government tried unsuccessfully to disarm Al Sadar's militia. American soldiers died in that effort. So now they'll just put the best face on it. The Kurds have a well trained, well armed army of about 60,000. Why aren't they fighting insurgents? Because the Shites and Sunnis won't accept them in their neighborhoods. They have brought some units into the Iraqi Army, but their use is limited because they are "unacceptable" to many Arab Iraqis. Spin all you want, but thousands of armed Sunnis or Shiites that aren't loyal to the central government is, overall, not a good thing. These guys have their religious beliefs as their standard and their religious leaders as their commanders.

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