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Connealy Lead On

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Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this bull? Reason is I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday that said he was getting huge inconsistency in birth weights out of his heifers- out of 45 calves on the ground the weights were running between 60 and 92 lbs-- where in years past with other bulls he said you would almost think the scale was broke- they'd all be so close together in weight... Hasn't had much problems- but they sure vary in size.....These heifers are all 878 daughters.....

He was supposed to start calving Sunday the 20th, but already has 45 on ground out of 70- first calf came 20 days early...
I've never used Lead On but 878 was very inconsistant here on birth weights. We had some over 100 pounds and some as low as 65.
Wow Leedon calves out of 878 daugthers!! I want some of those calves. How about pick me out the 4 top weaning heifer calves?
I have about 50 Lead On's and have been fairly accurate from 68 to 82. They are out of heifer's and cows.

Calves are real growers can tell a huge diiference in a month.
We found that 878's birth weights followed the cow. High birth weight cow - high birth weight calf ....... They make nice cows.

Lead On calves have been very consistant for us (no high birthweights). They really grow and are attractive.

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