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Could USDA Lose Out to FDA?

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I am wondering what the new USDA escapades will do for the push to take meat products out from under the control of USDA and put under the FDA? There is already a huge rift between the two agencies which almost was an outright war...Many of FDA rules are more stringent than USDA's--Some put in for consumer safety under the Homeland Security rules-- I think some of these regarding traceback ability for all imported foods (which includes meat) go into effect this year...In other words M-COOL traceback requirements without giving the consumers the ablity to use it- altho the retailer will have to keep documentation all the way thru to sale on imported products....

There was a push in Congress to end the infighting by giving all food products to FDA--If USDA is caught with their pants down again will this fuel the fire?......
That's all we need. One more government agency.

God forbid! That's just what we need. :? How many of these agencies have outlived any usefulness they might have had and are still spending tax dollars on make-work projects that do nothing but waste money and complicate our lives?

Government programs come the closest to perpetual motion machines of anything else in existance. They just keep going, and going, and going....

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