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Court Open Canadian Border

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
NMA Cattle Alert: Court Opens Border To Healthy Live Canadian Cattle

OAKLAND, CA – The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals opened the border to healthy live Canadian cattle today.

Twenty-four hours after hearing oral arguments from the United States Department of Agriculture, National Meat Association and the Canadian Cattlemen's Association and Alberta Beef Producers that the R-CALF lawsuit had wrongly closed the border, the judges of the Ninth Circuit took action by staying the preliminary injunction against a government rule that normalized trade. The court also promised that an opinion setting forth the reasons for the court's reversal of the preliminary injunction shall be issued expeditiously and in due course.

The three-judge panel making the ruling, Tashima, Paez and Callahan, have not yet ruled on whether NMA, CCA and ABP will be made intervenors to the case.

National Meat Association is a non-profit trade association. Since 1946, NMA has represented meat packers and processors, equipment manufacturers and food suppliers who provide services to the meat industry. The association has members throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Australia and Mexico.

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