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Cowboy Turtle Association

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Did members of the CTA have numbers associated with membership. For example, Gold Card #486.
Casy Tibbs attended the ground breaking for the Cowboy Memorial and Library in Walker Basin Ca. In 1983 I believe.
I need info and pictures of the Cowboy Memorial of anyone could help.
I really enjoyed reading back through this thread. There were a lot of people on the forum then and it was always interesting.

SADLY I can't help with Casey Tibbs info. My dad loved to watch him dismount on his feet and hand the hack rein to the pickup guys.

Good luck, though.
I'm not sure of the name of it, but there is a Casey Tibbs and SD Rodeo museum in Ft. Pierre. Frustrated that the name escapes me and the Pierre phone book is in the car and I'm not dressed to go out and get it right now.

It is a state of the art facility, with interactive displays and such. Beautiful location overlooking Pierre and Ft. Pierre, the Missouri and Bad Rivers, and such with 360% views.

There is soon to be released a new movie about Casey Tibbs life. A young man, Justin Koehler, who grew up on a neighboring ranch to us learned about Casey several years ago and was fascinated with his story and has done very in depth research and I think it will be out sometime this fall or winter. I will try to get it on here when I have more solid information.

Justin also made a movie of the life of Scotty Philip, The Man Who Saved The Buffalo a few years ago. It is a good movie about a very complicated man who was far more than 'just a cowboy' in the early days in this area. Many believe that had he lived beyond age 53 (think that's right, in any case, he died very early of a heart problem) he would have gone at least through the highest offices of SD politics, and was statesman material, rather than being just a politician.

Dam V_Key was log-in

If ask _ Are You A Turtle?
You HAD to answer:
You Bet Your Sweat Ass I Am!
You had to answer NO MATTER where you wore OR Buy All The Turtles There A Drink.

My Old Roommate "Sleepy Avant" joined just before Korean War
Sleepy's leg was blown of just below the knee _ he was a Medic and had to take care of his own wound. That did not keep him from Riding Bulls _ we got the VA to make him a leg with the toe turned out _ it had an Athletic knee supporter with a little hook on each side _ we made up a Harness (Suspenders) that could Draw the Leg Up Tight when he'd pop his chest.

Sleepy is an Auctioneer now and lives in Aromas, Ca. I see him almost every week-end _ He is Proud of the Turtle Pen he wares on his Belt

I'll try to get a picture of It.

I only meet Casey a few times _ he was fairly out going at Rodeos But I went along as a wrangler on the Santa Barbara Ride. $500 each + my wages all paid by the guy I was Wrangling for. Every VIP had a Wrangler, there were two of us caring for 4 horses

Casey was all business there and hung with all the Big Wheels and Movie People. Noel Berry, Slim Pickens, Ben Johnson, and others (Man I'm Blank on Names) anyhow all the real cowboys hung out at our own fire about 100' off to one side _ where the stories went on 1/2 the night
Did you know Leroy Roberts? They called him Leroy the Cowboy.

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