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Cowboys Beware...................

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
the long arm of the law will get you. Wonder if Oldtimer has made one of these arrests?
Associated Press

SOMERSET, Ky. - A Somerset man has been charged with drunken driving - for riding a horse while allegedly intoxicated.

Millard Greg Dwyer, 42, was arrested Sunday night after he rode his horse onto a downtown street in front of an off-duty state trooper, Somerset Police Lt. Allan Coomer said.

Trooper Martin Wesley told local officers that Dwyer looked like he was about to fall off the horse.

Coomer said Dwyer admitted to being drunk and told officers that he had ridden the horse from Fishing Creek, which was about 5 miles away.

Dwyer told officers that he had consumed about a twelve pack, Coomer said. Dwyer failed sobriety tests, Coomer said, and was charged with operating a vehicle other than a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicants.

A breath test showed Dwyer's alcohol level at .244, more than three times the limit, Coomer said.

Dwyer was released from the Pulaski County Dentention Center Monday, jail officials said. He faces a fine of between $20-$100, plus court costs, Coomer said.

Coomer said the arrest was "very unusual," but Somerset police have arrested others for similar violations, such as riding a bicycle and a lawn mower under the influence.
It happened here quite often too. That was years ago, since then the horses are left outside. I think it all ended when one of the horses s*** on the floor!
AGAIN??? What's the excuse this time? That rodeo brought lots of dollars into town, and the town being as small as it is needs all the business it can get.
Its quite regular around here for someone to ride a horse into the bar- sometimes kind of seems like a rite of passage for some of these young guys....Seldom see anyone arrested for riding drunk- even the guy that rode in and put six bullet holes in the ceiling of the Montana Tavern didn't get reported.....

Used to have a stock horse race that started on front street in front of the front street bars- go out of town about 2 miles to another water hole- and then back, ending back on front street.....Only a few actually raced- Most took time for a cold one at the first stop- picked up one for the road as they leisurely loped back....But now with Montanas new open container law they will probably be getting these guys for driving with an open container :???: :cry:

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