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Cows and Grass

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A couple days ago I had the privilege of having to babysit my two three year old granddaughters...The only thing I could think of to accomplish is go out and check the bunch of cows on the creek..


Just to show some folks- there are a couple of trees in NE Montana..

Cows in 7th Heaven- more grass than they can eat- and water 50 feet from them.

Snoopy cows and calves checking us out..

The OCC Prestige daughter looking for a handout..

And this is the reason for their nosiness- Granddaugter Pidge feeding them cake..
Pretty nice cows and grass. Reminds me of a newsletter l was a contributing editor of called Gas and Grass. Grand kids make for great photo's and fun.
Yeah I'm kind of glad this year there is plenty of grass and water so the cows can take care of themselves....As the last couple of weeks with the two new granddaughters coming, I've gotten drafted into a lot of babysitting the older ones and haven't got a whole lot else accomplished...

This is probably the nicest grass year I've ever seen...
wish we could get some rain here in south east Iowa your grass looks really good and cattle look great also

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