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cricket and spider dilemma

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Jun 7, 2005
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A couple nights ago, while brushing my teeth, I noticed a spider spinning a cricket up for dinner. I separated the two and killed the spider. I felt good having completed a good deed as I watched the cricket live and brush itself clean of the silk. Then I got to thinking that that wasn't right, cause the spiders got to eat too.
Did I do the right thing?
So true. What does a cricket matter. I didn't say it, but the poor thing had a missing leg. It's probably already dead. Yeah, next time I'll save me and them the misery and squash 'em both. Great idea, TXTibbs.
I doubt if this particular cricket living in Sierraman's bathroom was going to be eating many grasshopper eggs in the near future. More than likely he was going to lurk in his bed and attack under the cover of darkness. Crickets arn't as bad as grasshoppers tho.....Grasshoppers will attack in broad daylight!!!! I'd rather sleep in a cave of spiders or skin a snake with my teeth than have a grasshopper in my bedroom. Silly you say? Well, let me take your phobia and dangle it in front of you on a string and see who is squealing then!!!
Myself, I hate salamanders. Slimy little buggers.

Saddletramp was up visitin' the other day and sure got peeved at me cuz I wouldn't let him kill a couple of rattlesnakes that we found on the neighbors. I told him that they were'nt our to kill, but belonged to my neighbor! He just didn't understand! :lol:

He did kill a poor little ol' mouse that we found in an old trunk in a shack. I tried to explain that the snakes eat the mice, but he still don't like rattlers! :shock: :lol:

We sure had a good time, ridin' and ropin' tho'! :D
I also have an aversion to crickets and grasshoppers....but for a whole nuther reason that TXTibbs......ya know how their legs have them lil barbs on the back??? well bout 22 years ago...when I'd just started datin my husband..I was invited over for supper one night. His dad bein the "big hunter" that he is had been turkey huntin...shot a big ole tom....and had bbq'd it on the grill.....I like white meat...so there i sat eatin my piece of the breast.....when somethin hung up.!!! :shock: wouldnt go down...wouldn't come up.....just stuck there...on the farthest reaches of my tongue...down on the backside (lmao) I know I hadda horrible look on my face....poor dad n law was lookin at me kinda wierd.....weren't no time for thinkin..I just hadda turn around n go fish for it.....to his horror I pulled outta grasshopper leg....(lmao this tickles me ever time I think about it cuz he was just beside himself...his look was priceless) I calmly laid it on the edge of my plate......and went right on eatin'. After supper was over he apologized to me over and over again..he'd shot the turkey thru the craw and somehow the grasshopper leg got pushed into my piece of meat...to this day...ever thanksgiving or christmas that the turkey is cooked at his house and we sit down to dinner..he usually says to me...promise ya wont find any grasshopper legs in there. hehe
I had been leaving rattle snakes live that I found in prarie dog towns, but there were a couple that I killed the other day that had just eat something. Cut them open and it was little nine lined ground squirrels, they do eat prarie dogs dont they?
Grasshoppers bite to incase ya'll didn't know!!!! :nod: I hate toad hoppers....them big beasts give me anxiety attacks. Of course my siblings (some worse than others) really enjoyed to pester me with hoppers after they discovered i was afraid of them. I remember once while rolling up some wire as i was walking away my brother flung a toad hopper in my direction and low and behold the damn thing struck me on the shoulder and clung there with those barbs that "jersey_lily" was talking about...or maybe it was its teeth I dunno, but the damn thing stuck like glue and well wire went one way, pliars when the other and I did the "hopper dance". After I got the bugger off and landed on the ground again i guess it was kinda funny, but I get into "kill" mode when something like that happens tho....so watch out. :wink:

Rattle snakes will eat prairie dogs....why wouldn't they? The thing with a snake is that they only eat about once a month, so they aren't the best prairie dog control! Back home you could go to the dog towns on a hot october day and kill 100's of rattlers as they were denning (sp) in the dog holes. funny thing you say about cutting them open...me and my mom one time killed a rattler, i think in like July/August and when we killed it we sorta tore it open with the rope or whatever and there were live baby snakes in her!! Baby rattlers and they were coming out fighting....they were soft of course, but looked just like little rattlers about 6-8 inches long. I think there were about 10 or 12 of the little buggers. So we killed like 12 snakes in one :D . I won't kill all snakes, in fact usually only rattle snakes, but i will dispose of other's if they are around the house or someplace just cause they scare the hell out of me cause I think they are rattle snakes.
LOL Tibbs...try washin dishes at yer own kitchen sink n have a snake come up outta the silver ware holder thingy in the sink beside ya....talk about throwin dishes n hollerin n jumpin.....bout skeered me to death...hubby said after he got it out...oh it's just a lil chicken snake......dont matter..snakes a snake n I dont like em!!!!!

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