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Custom Western Saddle Makers

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Apr 21, 2012
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I'm new here and was hoping to get some of your thoughts. Dale Harwood seems considered by most to be the best living custom saddle maker. Unfortunately Dale isn't taking any new orders and his prices have outgrown me. Any suggestions on who might be regarded as right there with him or a close second. Beautiful tooling is appreciated but is second on the list to a well made saddle that fits. Sure there are a few out there that don't get much publicity.
I got a friend who's about the best all around hand i know--shoes, trains horses, pounds nails, welds---I was at his house one day, he said come see what i made---he'd built a half scale saddle, about what would fit that dog and monkey act that used to sell doritos.

I said 'neat---but why?' He said he used to work in a saddle shop, that it was all same steps as building a real one and less time and material, same steps, he wanted to see if he remembered how. This little sucker was even neatly tooled.

Anyhow--come in the basement---he had full scale one about done. He builds maybe 6-10 a yr----every thing this guy does is quality work. Can inbox #, if interested.
I ordered my new one from Heritage Saddlery in Red Lodge MT.
Cary Schwarz, Salmon, Idaho.

Makes some of the best fitting, most comfortable rigs I've ever had the pleasure of working out of.
I honestly don't know where to find one; but he's on my Facebook friends-list, and if you just type in his name on the FB search bar, look for the guy who shows up with 'salmon idaho' location, and then click on that...his page will come up and he'll prob respond to a friend-request within a day or two; I think he day-works during calving-season over there in Salmon when business is slow. I'm not sure if the phone number I have (for him) still works or not.
I have only seen pictures of this guys work ......I had his blog book marked but when I formatted my computer couldnt find it again.
I am sure someone can get it or he will answer...Jinglebob is his nick here
The last I heard, Dave Pollat from Upton, Wy is taking no new orders and has'nt been for a while. He is one of the best though.

The last one I had built was by a guy here in town who shoes horses. He started doing leather and is one of the best I have seen. His name is Justin Beishuvel in Gillette, Wy.

My standby saddle that I use all the time was made over 20yrs ago by Kenny Dearman of Detroit, Tx. It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and never complains. It's pretty easy ridin too.


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