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Dem Presidential nominee

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Jul 23, 2007
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The good ole USA
Dem Presidential nominee

So who will it be.

Who will our resident libs support
What are their past accomplishments.
What will they have on their agenda*

*Please no Hope and Change crap as we all know that was a total failure
There will probably be no opponents against the boy wonder.

Libs like to put all their eggs in one basket.

That way their will be no one beating up on him................
Larrry said:
Then they can tell us his accomplishments and why they support him

THAT will never happen. As time has shown, all the Dems supporters are going to do is destroy the reputation of anyone who dares run against Obama with rumors and lies. You can bet that billion dollars that Obama claimes he has will all be spent digging up and making up dirt to bury his opponent because not even he can defend something that most voters didn't want. And koolaid guzzlers like Oldtimer Jingo and Bullhauler will be more than happy to bring the latest Democrat spread crap for all of us to see as Oldtimer has already started on Bachmann. :roll: NO DEFENCE JUST DESTROY

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