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Dems warned to avoid protestors, protesters ask why

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Feb 11, 2005
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The New York City Police Department has had to pay over $3.2 million in overtime because of the Occupy Wall Street protests. That'd feed a lot of hungry children: $3.2 million in overtime. This is from the HotlineOnCall: "Political Insiders Say Dems Should Keep Their Distance From Occupy Wall Street Movement — As the Occupy Wall Street protests continue to spread and gain attention, some Democratic leaders and groups in Washington have begun cautiously exploring a closer relationship with the movement. But according to the latest National Journal Political Insiders Poll, most strategists are not yet convinced that Occupy Wall Street represents more than a fringe phenomenon from which Democrats should keep their distance."

"Fringe" is right! "Phenomenon," it is not! This is standard, daily procedure. This is who the Democrats have created. These people are the result of Democrat Party policy, liberalism. This is what you get: Blatant, smug, arrogant stupidity. It really is a shame. It's a human waste. These peoples' lives have lost all their potential, because they have been inoculated with the notion that government is the answer — and that being an American means, "You want it? You get it!" This lunatic fringe is the Democrat base. Why do you think the Democrats are embracing them? Why now is Hotline running a poll sending out warning signals to the Democrats?

Why now is Hotline running a poll sending out warning signals to the Democrats?

Pretty simple to me. These Occupy idiots are being exposed for what they are. Freeloaders!

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