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Dog’s for Romney – A New Superpack

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Apr 12, 2008
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Update.: Harvey arrived back yesterday from his battles, angry and very, very upset. Turns out Obama ate dogs when he was younger and his minions are somehow upset that Romney let his dog ride on top of the car in a kennel when going on vacation. “Put a dog in a car and he does what?”, asked Harvey. “He sticks his frigging head out the window! Obama and his nitwits are truly a varsity team of nitwits, that would rock to be riding on top of the car!”, my little dog screamed out before looking at me with pleading eyes. Okay, I’ll think about it if he is a good boy, which he has been.

Well, having heard of human SuperPacs, Harvey decided to create his own dog version – the SuperPack – and raise money to get Obama out of office: Dogs for Romney. He scoured the internet and found this nice little picture to represent his new group:


Glad to have you back Harvey.

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