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Dog cant walk

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Oct 27, 2005
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NW Panhandle Texas
I went out Sunday and came home a few hours later and Missy couldnt put weight on her left back leg. All she wants to do is either sit or laydown. She can feel pain in the leg and foot. It doesnt feel like it broken or out of joint. No joints are swollen but the inside of her thigh is a tad warm. she will when forced with A LOT of pushing and prodding, hop but sits down immediately.
I cant get in the vets till late today if at all...depends on when they finish with bull testing. I thought about giving a small amount of banamine. I know she is in a bit of pain but its hard to tell just how much.
Vet called said to come on out.
Said she dislocated her hip......gave her some anti steroidal said rest and if not marked improvement bring her back in a week.
I do have to give Clayton Vet clinic credit ...fit her in a very busy day..and only charged for the meds.
maybe she will lose some weight in this week ...she is not eating but drinking so I dont mind LOL

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