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Downgrade results in stock market crash

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Feb 10, 2005
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A look back at what some of us felt about Geithner when he was approved by the Senate two and half years ago.


Oldtimer wrote
I really don't know the man that well-- but according to a huge majority of the economists, he's one of the only ones with the knowledge to bring the country back from the Depression it is headed into/currently in....

Oldtimer wrote
Because of his past experience- performance- and the fact he's been working with the current Administration to take some fast major moves, is what I'm hearing...

Oldtimer wrote
The man is not considered a Liberal or a Conservative--just very knowledgeable and experienced with the Treasury Department, Banking system, and economy...

Knowledgeable BULL :roll: In light of the fact that under Obama with Geithner in the Treasury the US's Credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history and the Stock market just had one of the worst days in history can we please admit NOW Oldtimer that neither one of these guys should have darked the door steps of the White House? :mad:

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