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Drought buster

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Feb 11, 2005
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We are finely getting a little rain in Alabama this morning. This should be enough to get that last growth spirit on the hay field. It is just too short to cut now. I sure hope to get my last cutting in about two weeks if the weather will stay warm enough. The pastures were getting short in spots with over grown bitter grass in other spots. I hope this rain will get the good grass growing for a few more weeks grazing.
Did you Texas posters get plenty of rain out of this?
Nope ,no rain round here Alabama,so dry around here ,all the cows are giving powdered milk.................good luck
It was so dry here the trees were whistleing for the dogs.

Raining here now, has all day. I needed a break from the fenceline anyway.

Typical weather here though. Wet in the spring...mud the crops in and calve in the blasted mud. Drier than a popcorn fart june through september. Wet fall. Mud the crops off.

Still less rain than normal for the year by a long shot. Only one cutting of hay. Didn't even bother to plant wheat this year. Couldn't but scratch the surface with the plows.

BUT, atleast I'm not in the gulf.

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