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Jul 10, 2021
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Central Montana
I'm glad to hear that I'm not the very last guy on the planet to finish haying! I finished baling a week ago. We have about half of the round bales left to move and stack in hay yards. 300 of them just need to be bucked across the fields and stacked in adjacent yards. 500 are longer trips where our hauling trails snake through neighbor's pastures and have numerous wire gates to open and close. On weekends, I can often scrounge up enough *kids (* all in their 40's now) to run truck caravans hauling 40 bales a trip. The most trips we can make in a long day is three. Since I'm the only one on the ranch not gainfully employed (I just ranch), I can putter around at hauling bales through the week. If we can stack up two hauling weekends in a row, possibly the job will get mopped up in short order.

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