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Facts matter

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Feb 10, 2005
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FACT He promised an Open transparent government process so everyone knew who was asking for what but his Healthcare bill that he was talking about, was passed after more than a few closed door sessions where NOBODY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON to get those last few Dems to support his bill. .

FACT Nancy Pelosi said the Healthcare bill had to be passed to find out what is in it. If the talks were OPEN AND TRANSPARENT LIKE OBAMA PROMISED shouldn't everyone have KNOWN what was in the bill before it came up for a vote?

FACT Obama claimed that special interest money didn't pay for his campaign but he took more money from Wall Street bankers than any other President in History. Are they not "Special Interest" donors?

FACT He claimed he doesn't like PAC money but he is having White House staff members fund raising for HIS PAC that is run by one of HIS FORMER STAFFERS .

FACT He claimed lobbyists would have no influence in his Administration, yet he has appointed how many to his administration to advise him daily?

FACT Obama claimed facts are important and should matter, so please remember this FACT before you vote in Nov OBAMA IS A LIAR that has no intention of living up to his campaign promises once he is re-elected.

And the one promise you should fear is the one he made to the Russian Leader when he told him when he thought nobody was listening, he will have more flexability after he wins the election. Can the US AFFORD OBAMA TO GET MORE FLEXABLE WITH RUSSIA?

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